We’re in this together.

COVID-19 is having an acute impact on startups. We’re working to support founders and protect our ecosystem through this time of global upheaval.

Recent Signatures

Daniel Lafferty -
Hoda Rezaei - Integra Data and Analytic Solutions
Babak Shafiei - Integra Data and Analytic Solutions
Nathan Hashman - ITSS Canada Inc.
Chad Verity - Hölmetrics
Shirley Zhang -
Mariusz Bereznicki - EdmontonEadiopharmaceutical Centre
Zach Manntai - Finch Financial

Add Your Signature for Support

You can help by lending your signature to an open letter to the Government of Alberta on behalf of the innovation community. 

COVID-19 Tech Company Impact Proposal

Alberta’s startup and scaleup ecosystem is built on collisions and community connections. With that at the core, we are committed to ensure our founders, teams and companies are supported and remain connected during this pandemic.

Further COVID-19 Resources for Startups

Additional COVID-19 Company Impact Assessments

If you are an Alberta based tech-company impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, we have a few questions to help assess how we can best help you through this time.