Slot Overview of 10,000 Wonders, 10,000 Ways

Infinity Reels was created by Australian firm ReelPlay, which is also promoting a newer, somewhat less original concept called 10K Ways. True to its name, players are given ten thousand opportunities to form winning combos. Is it true that rivals that use the same number of ways in one of their titles will have to hire lawyers since 10K Ways is a trademarked name? ReelPlay has followed up on their last release, Hypernova 10K Ways, with 10,000 Wonders 10K Ways. Those who, like us, felt the first game lacking need not bother with 10,000 Wonders, as it is a carbon copy. Unless, of course, you have a total and utter obsession with everything Aladdin.

The tale of Aladdin’s lamp and the genie is one that has been retold countless times by filmmakers. As a result, games in this genre that don’t accomplish something truly innovative with the concept come out as lazy and uninspired. This is exactly how you feel when playing 10,000 Wonders, especially considering how much of the game is built from previously used code. The game’s visuals are brighter and more attractive than those of Hypernova 10K, however this may be as much a result of player fatigue with Hypernova 10K as of any actual merits of 10,000 Wonders.

Since all the numbers in the mathematical model are identical, we can just paste them in. The volatility is considered to be medium-high, and the RTP is 96.16%. The minimum bet is 20 p/c and the maximum is £/€40 per spin, and you may play it on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. When winning symbols fall into place from left to right, the cascade function is activated, clearing the grid and making room for fresh symbols to fall into place. The cascade will keep going until there are no more winning combinations.

Now we’ll move on to Aladdin’s symbols; he has the appearance of a stoned frat dude who is always saying “brah” at the beginning of his sentences. The other premiums on the card are Princess Jasmine, Jafar, a dove, and the standard A through 9 symbols, with him at the top and worth 100 times the wager. There’s a wild symbol, too, although it only appears on reel 1. The wild card can replace any icon other than the light.

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To enter the bonus round, you must have a lamp sign. To be more specific, the Bonus Respins function is activated when 6 or more of them are landed. When you get in, you get 3 free respin attempts and the triggering lamps stay put while the rest of the symbols go. Any time a new symbol lands while in the bonus round, it becomes sticky and the respin count resets to 3. This process will keep going until either no further respins are possible or all available slots have been filled.

Regular lamp symbols pay out anywhere from 1x to 100x the wager, while extra rewards are awarded if 4 diamond symbols appear. Diamond colors here range from red (10x), pink (50x), green (250x), to blue (2,000x) in value. It’s possible to get numerous Pinks or Reds in a single bonus round, but only one Green and one Blue.

Slot Review: 10,000 Wonders, 10,000 Ways

Since the original 10K Ways game didn’t exactly get our hearts aflutter, we didn’t have high hopes for its clone. The colorful visuals and somewhat foreign tone were uncovered when searching for positives. Obviously, the exoticism has been dulled by the abundance of Aladdin slots. If ease of use is paramount, this is an average game of streak respinning. Aside from that, all of the Hypernova 10K-related complaints still stand. The inability to think outside the box. The problem is that after giving 10,000 Wonders a try, I found virtually little to recommend it above other similarly priced games.

After seeing 10,000 Wonders, we began to question the necessity of this recreation, as it seemed quite similar to the 2012 version of Total Recall. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal as Doug Quaid in the original film, released in the 1990s, was a high point in the actor’s filmography. The spectacular effects were breathtaking, and the one-liners were spot on. Cohaagen, the villain, says something like, “I’ll blow this place up and be back in time for cornflakes,” as he prepares to kill Quaid. Sorry for the sidetrack, but in general, it’s not a good indicator when your thoughts wander that far during a review of a slot machine. Especially if the game in question involves Aladdin’s jewels and you keep seeing images of the Austrian Oak rescuing Mars. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what kind of rewards await you. Just with the last 10k Ways game, players have the chance to win up to 5,662 times their wager.

It’s possible that players who choose Hypernova 10K Ways because they liked the series would be disappointed with the new theme. In comparison, there isn’t a lot of originality in the game because Aladdin is such a common concept. It’s strange because we had doubts about the first 10K game, and those doubts have only risen with the release of 10,000 Wonders, which is a near-identical copy.






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